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Mayfield Park

It’s not every day this happens
– you give a piece of city river
back to its custodians.

Mayfield Park has been crowned the first new public park in Manchester for over 100 years, and with it, U+I was able to ‘unlock’ the Medlock.

As we learned from the pandemic, green and blue spaces are vital for the health of the city, and for bringing people together in all seasons. This
is what Mayfield Park at the heart of the Mayfield Depot development achieves.

Spanning 6.5-acres, the park has been designed to encourage outdoor activities for all ages. Manicured areas are for exercise and entertainment; natural and wild corners for discovery and exploring, with an adventure playground to test ones’ mettle.

And importantly, there are quiet spaces for conversation or contemplation.

A range of thoughtful, social ‘accents’ have been designed into the landscape. South-facing seating steps lead to the river, sculpted earth environments provide places to rest, while canopies provide all-weather protection.

The park also plays a crucial role in climate resistance systems and biodiversity. Floodable meadows ensure the river’s natural systems stay in check, and ecological planting ensures a home for urban wildlife.

Sometimes a developer’s biggest job is to unearth places rather than build on top of them, letting everyone experience a little bit of wonder.

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