Are Y ou ?

Morden Wharf, Greenwich

Modern Wharf exterior digital rendering

Where the U in United
and Industrious came from

Much needed homes, community and business space are set to be created in Greenwich, along with access to a new riverside walk on one of the largest remaining brownfield riverside areas of London.

With U+I, Richard led the team and business that acquired and masterplanned this impressive site, forming a unique partnership with a 300-year-old charity, Morden College.

Spread over 19-acres on the famous Greenwich Peninsula, home to the Millennium Dome and now the 02 Arena, the new neighbourhood is designed by world-famous architecture practice OMA, delivering 1,500 homes for Londoners with over a third being affordable.

This £800 million project has nearly 300 metres of Thames riverbank, with a beach. and will deliver a new riverside public park and Thames Clipper dock.

The proposals also include a new leisure quarter, including the historic Sea Witch pub, and a working boathouse for The Queen’s row barge, Gloriana, on one of the site’s historic jetties.

Historical drawing of Modern Wharf site
People entering water at Modern Wharf
Exterior shot of people using the Modern Wharf site
Historical photo of Modern Wharf site
Historical photo of Modern Wharf site
Cityscape photo locating Modern Wharf in London
Historical drawing of workers at Modern Wharf
Historical photo of works at Modern Wharf
Digital rendering of finished Modern Wharf site
Night time photo of pier structure at Modern Wharf
Aerial view of Modern Wharf lit at night
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