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Bringing Art into Place


Art has made heads whirl and chins wag since the dawn of time. Art is about telling stories. And a place – any place – is full of stories, ready to be uncovered.

Richard has witnessed first-hand how public art is too often deemed unnecessary to community placemaking and neighbourhood redevelopment, its emotional value woefully overlooked.

To disrupt this complacency and inject a healthy dose of provocation, in 2023 he launches YOU ARE a COLLECTION.

Richard’s idea is to open spaces to the public and bring art into place. He believes pleasure, joy and culture should be gifted to all communities, no matter the location, size or scale.

Art should evoke a sense of play in places, and well-placed art is at the centre of that idea. More recently, and in Richard’s career, on developments such as Moulsecoomb Place, Circus Street and Old Ambulance Station.

Based on trust, relationship and care, the YOU ARE a COLLECTION is an art loaning scheme available to local authorities, public bodies, schools, cultural institutions – whoever feels empowered and enlightened to receive the experience.

Growing up Gets me Down Alex Chinneck
X Viktor Tomofeev
Big Head Billy Lee
Portal Jonathan Loxley

With a particular focus on those whose budgets don’t stretch to include art in their proposals, Richard is loaning pieces from his personal collection of art and sculptures at minimal – or nil – cost.

Drawing on a selection of pieces of sculpture and images from internationally renowned artists Alex Chinneck, Banksy, Billy Lee, the Chapman Brothers, Chris Baxter, Stephen Gregory, Richard Learoyd, Francois Hameury, The Chapman Brothers and John Loxley amongst others.

Colin Luke Morgan
Hare and Heron Richard Learoyd
Chris Baxter
The Throne of Earthly Kings François Hameury
Unwanted Gift John Reardon
Jake and Dinos Chapman

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